Fall Style: For Your House

Leaves are tumbling down the street like colorful confetti. Pumpkins, mums and scarecrows give even the busiest city street a hint of country elegance. The light seems softer, people are jollier and this is only the beginning of the holiday season.

I love fall. I love the agricultural feel of decorating a table with gourds and the squish of pumpkin innards. I love the warm colors associated with the season, red, gold, orange, yellow. I love food. I love decorating.

Since this is clearly an extensive list of loves I thought I would share some of my own decorations with you to help us get into the spirit before thanksgiving. Classy, Decorations, Style

  • The sign in this picture is one of many pinterest ideas I have tried for myself. It is an old picture fame turned into a chalk board . The phase is admittedly stolen off of a sign at Barnes and Noble (my usual “shopping” location).  The leaves are all from Micheal’s. I went during Christmas last year and picked up a bunch of garlands and bouquets on sale.



  • Decor, Style, classyThis is our livingroom. apparently I have a thing for gold pumpkins. Most of these were also picked up at Michael’s last year. I pulled some leaves off of a garland and scattered them on the coffee table along with some gourds and pinecones (found in our neighborhood). We only just moved in, but I have some big plans for white washing the bricks on the fireplace.

decor, style, fall, classy

  •  This is my “china cabinet” (yes I know it is a dresser). I bought it from a thrift store and brought it back to life with dark lemon oil. Still need to add new knobs, but it was a much cheaper option than purchasing a real china cabinet and the mirror helps brighten the room. I love using the bowl in the center to add festive color without doing too much. Having a potpourri bowl this wide means you can add other things as well. I added mini pumpkins for fall and change out the potpourri for christmas then add little peppermints or red bows.

Style, Decor, fall, classic

  • These are my absolute favorite. They smell amazing and are fun to make. While mine may not be as fancy as some, I was pretty proud of how they turned out. Orange and clove pomanders have been mentioned as Christmas decorations since the 17th century. Making these 5 oranges took me about 10 minutes each. A great plus? The cloves act as an antiseptic so the oranges will cure and you can keep your pomanders for years (though this may spoil the fun of making them every year).

Thanks for reading this little tour. I hope you found something interesting. The holidays are the perfect excuse for letting your classy style shine so see what you can come up with! Have a question? Leave a comment and I’ll be happy to reply.







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