3 Important Habits of Classy People

Have you ever passed the time with someone and then walked away and remarked on how classy they were? Or even how polite? If you would like people to say the same about you, then follow these simple tips.

  1. Saying please and thank you: I know that this point seems obvious, but have you ever thought about how infrequently people in the modern age say “please,” “thank you,” or “excuse me” to one another? In fact it is as if we walk around pretending the people around us don’t exist. I am rather guilty of this myself being an introvert and preferring to pretend others aren’t around. Using these polite phrases however, can help you interact on a different level with strangers. After all, people are more likely to be polite and helpful if you have first indicated (by saying please and thank you) that their efforts are appreciated. Try using these phrases more frequently and see if people begin responding differently.
  2. Being conscious of others: This point is similar to the previous one, but it’s possible to drive other people bonkers without ever interacting with them (trust me, I lived seven years of my life in student housing).

    Just be aware of how your actions may be disturbing other people. For example, keep your music to a reasonable level (even in your car), especially when in residential areas. This is not to say that you should sit meekly in a corner, hands folded, trying to never be in the way, but try to live by the golden rule “do unto others as you would have done to you”. This should be applied to even the small things in life.

  3. Presenting a well groomed appearance: I am sure that most Pearls Before Bling readers have this down pat, but let me briefly remind you; people will assess you based on what you are wearing and treat you according to this assessment. There really is an appropriate time and place for all forms of attire. Though I can be caught on occasion wearing yoga pants to the grocery store, I am a firm believer that “lounge wear” is best kept at home. Being termed “a hot mess” (a slang phrase I still do not fully comprehend) is generally not a good thing, nor something ladies or gentlemen should aspire to. Therefore, in casual settings, you should dress as if you might run into an important client, or your mother in-law, or your boss (whoever most intimidates you). This way you will never walk into the parking lot bemoaning the fact that you just ran into (insert your person of choice here) while wearing torn sweatpants and bunny slippers. . . or leopard print booty shorts.

These three things are so easy to do, with a little practice they will come to you without even trying. I think life, especially in the city, would be much more pleasant for everyone if we all tried to act according to these principles all the time.


3 thoughts on “3 Important Habits of Classy People

  1. Great article, went simply and effectively to the point. And I guess I won’t wear my yoga pants out to the market anymore. But that aside I have often thought, how do I want others to see me when I am in public? If I were to be put in a setting where I needed to address a situation that required taking authority in it, would I look the part? Do I look like I cared about how I looked is for me the bottom line. Yea we can all go out in grubby clothes like if you’re painting a room and need to run to Home Depot for something, that’s one thing. But how you dress tells others what you think of yourself. And it matters for those who have never met you whom you will encounter in the the market place of life. How you look is always the starting point of any relationship.


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