Freelance writer, blogger and copywriter

Freelance writer, blogger and copywriter

Welcome. I am Diana McCauley – writer, wife, yoga attemptress, Christian, cat owner, and the author of Pearls Before Bling. Lover of all things classic Hollywood I grew up wanting to marry Jimmy Stewart and have Kim Novak’s wardrobe. After realizing that the first was impossible and the second unlikely, I decided that instead I wanted to act like the old Hollywood stars and this desire is still with me today. I don’t mean acting for the film industry or even on stage. I mean I want to emulate their behavior, their manners and (alright I’ll admit it) I still want to emulate the way they dressed. I don’t want this just for myself either; I want to help cultivate that charm in America today. So I started this blog to help others get reacquainted with the knowledge, culture and beauty of a more traditional America. Pearls Before Bling covers a number of themes including: image, community, networking, traditional wisdom, and etiquette. So sit back and enjoy since there is something here for everyone.

Aside from writing here, I also enjoy gardening, cooking, DIY house projects and hanging out with my husband. We are both voracious readers and though we live in Virginia Beach, we frequently discover that we read through beach season and it’s too cold to go by the time we think of it. I have a Master’s degree in International Relations and try to keep up with current events. Feel free to contact me with questions, comments or even topics you would be interested in reading about.

Also, check out my writers website here for more information on my freelance writing business or see my Hire Me page. Thanks for checking out my writing! Please share with your friends.


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